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The Best of TexasRestaurantLaw.com 2009

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  We couldn’t close out the year without a “Best of 2009″! Here’s the best TexasRestaurantLaw.com content of the year, based on your enthusiasm via comments, links, and retweets. We thank you all for your continued support! Let’s get started: Recent Nutrition Law Trends – This will likely be a continued source of legislation on… Continue Reading

Economic Outlook For 2010?

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Predicting the future is always hard, but the economic outlook for 2010 is absolutely anyone’s guess. With that in mind, I thought that I’d set out some of the differing statistics that I’ve found over the last few weeks and let you decide for yourself whether to believe the optimists or the naysayers. The Optimists… Continue Reading

How Joint Ventures Are Like The Grinch

Posted in Acquisitions, Contracts, Corporate Entity, Franchises, Litigation, Negotiation

Since we are right in the middle of the holiday season, I thought I’d discuss the insidious nature of joint ventures and compare them to Dr. Seuss’s mean ol’ Grinch. Many people are astounded when I explain the many risks involved in joint ventures, and like the Grinch, they are to be avoided whenever possible…. Continue Reading

How A Late Night Email Could Put You In Jail

Posted in Commentary, Employment, Litigation, News, Recent Law Trends, Vendors

No matter what industry you are in, many of us are responsible for hundreds of emails per day. Each of those emails can become permanent records of what you are thinking, doing, or planning. Email errors can sometimes cause only minor disagreements, for which you can apologize and move on. However, in the most severe… Continue Reading

The Biggest Contract Mistake & How To Avoid It

Posted in Acquisitions, Alcohol, Commentary, Contracts, Corporate Entity, Franchises, Litigation, Negotiation, Recent Law Trends, Vendors

The ugly truth is that people make mistakes every day when they sign contracts for their companies. What’s worse is that many people don’t even realize that they are making a mistake. This particular mistake can cost your company thousands of dollars in legal fees. This mistake can cost you personally in legal fees and… Continue Reading

Free Guide On How To Fire Employees

Posted in Employment, Litigation

  How do you “legally” fire employees? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t you wish that this type of information was all in one place and provided in an easy to read format? To address these questions and with the very gracious permission of some fantastic employment attorneys, we’re offering a new guide called “You’re… Continue Reading

Is a Celebrity Spokesperson the Right Fit For Your Restaurant?

Posted in Commentary, Contracts, Franchises, Recent Law Trends

Celebrity spokespeople often increase retail brand awareness and, thus, boost sales. However, the extent of this sales boost may come as a surprise. Consider, for example, Troy Aikman’s sponsorship of the Wingstop restaurant group. According to the Dallas Business Journal, Wingstop reported 23 consecutive quarters of same-store sales increases since Aikman first appeared as a… Continue Reading

Could Your Salary Get Slashed by the Compensation Czar?

Posted in Commentary, Legislation, News, Recent Law Trends

In response to criticism regarding bonus pay for executive officials of companies receiving government pay-outs, the Obama administration recently appointed Kenneth Feinberg to regulate the pay of 175 top executives at seven companies receiving levels of government TARP funds not offered to other institutions. Feinberg, who is being referred to as the “Compensation Czar,” is… Continue Reading

Restaurant Industry’s Outlook Finally Improving

Posted in Commentary, News

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) released its Restaurant Improvement Index (RPI) stats for April 2009. You can find the complete statistical report on the NRA’s website by following this link. The NRA explains, “The Restaurant Performance Index is constructed so that the health of the restaurant industry is measured in relation to a steady-state level… Continue Reading

Texas Legislature Leaves Restaurant Industry Alone

Posted in Alcohol, Commentary, Immigration, Legislation, News, Recent Law Trends

Everyone in the restaurant industry should know what new laws affect them. This last legislative session addressed a variety of laws from immigration to fat and smoke, and the this article provides those results. The latest session of the Texas Legislature ended on June 1, 2009. Comprising the 81st Session of the Legislature, Texas lawmakers… Continue Reading

Smoke & Fat: What Texas Restaurants Need to Know in ‘09

Posted in Commentary, Legislation, News, Recent Law Trends

Laws in Texas are changing about what restaurants serve and what they allow from their patrons. Understanding of these trends now could be the difference between prosperity and destruction for Texas restaurants in the coming years. Smoke As reported here several weeks ago in “Where There’s Smoke . . . You’re Not In Dallas ”… Continue Reading

Immigration Survival For Restaurants: Top 5 Tips To Avoid Jail

Posted in Immigration, Litigation, News, Recent Law Trends

Can your business survive a sizable fine by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (“INS”)? Can you survive jail time for failing to adhere to immigration rules? If you answered no to either question, then take the following advice and implement it today. 1. Complete I-9 Forms. This may sound like a “no-brainer,” but it can… Continue Reading

Fast Food Deliverance – NOT

Posted in Commentary, Franchises, News

With the global recession looming in everyone’s mind, many have sought fast food as a haven. Indeed, interest in franchising is up as an alternative to finding work due to unemployment. Further, until just recently, fast food stocks outperformed many others. However, as reported in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Burger King’s weak March sales report… Continue Reading

Texas Legislature Says, “Trim the Fat” (Trans Fat, That Is)

Posted in Legislation, News, Recent Law Trends

By: Matthew Sanderson With the support of the Texas Restaurant Association, the Texas legislature is “pressing for legislation that would phase in bans of trans fats in restaurant foods,” according to a recent Dallas Morning News article published on April 6, 2009 and found at this link. The two key proponents of the bills are… Continue Reading

Chili’s And Curves Team Up in Joint Marketing Campaign

Posted in News

By: Matthew Sanderson On April 7, 2009, the Triangle Business Journal posted an article, found at this link, showing that Chili’s and Curves are teaming up to “target casual diners who seek healthy fare.” Chili’s is operated by Brinker International (NYSE: EAT), which is a Dallas, Texas based operator of restaurant chains. According to the… Continue Reading