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Is Franchising The Only Key To Restaurant Success?

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We talk a lot here about franchising and for good reason. After all, many restaurant owners make great money by developing or buying into a great franchise concept. However, some restaurant owners take a  different approach: they develop their own brand and remain the key figure in each additional restaurant. Stephen Pyles is one such… Continue Reading

5 Top Strategies For Protecting Your Restaurant And Personal Assets

Posted in Contracts, Corporate Entity, Liability, Litigation

How safe are the assets in your restaurants? Are you personally liable for your restaurant’s liabilities? These are two of the most common questions we get from our restaurant owner clients, so we thought we would share five of the top strategies we use to shield our restaurant owners from liabilities at their restaurants, which… Continue Reading

Bad Economy Hits Restaurants in Texas

Posted in Commentary, News

By Matthew M. Sanderson As most of us know all too well, the global economic downturn has hit everyone, and based on a recent article by the Dallas Morning News, found at this link, restaurants that offer alcohol are hurting, too. According to the article, “For 2008, the number of restaurants, bars and liquor stores… Continue Reading

Alcohol Permits and Changes in Control

Posted in Alcohol, Contracts

By Matthew M. Sanderson How does the change in control of a restaurant that sells alcohol affect its alcohol permit? This question comes up time and again, and there are no easy answers. In general, this question occurs when a restaurant changes ownership and the new owner needs an alcohol permit. With the drastic speed… Continue Reading

Rep Agreements and The Manufacturer Representative’s

Posted in Contracts

By Ralph Perry-Miller Within the restaurant industry, many products are sold through manufacturer representatives and sales representatives. Often these sales representatives are compensated for their efforts through payment upon a commission program which is based upon a percentage of the dollar amount of orders for product or merchandise sold within a defined geographic territory. While… Continue Reading

Personal Guarantees of Corporate Obligations: The Devil is in the Fine Print

Posted in Contracts

By Ralph Perry-Miller When entering into new vendor relationships, signing real estate and equipment leases, or merely turning in a credit application, you likely just unknowingly took on the liability personally. One of the most ignored and financially devastating acts are the routine execution of documents which either expressly or deceptively contain personal guaranties of… Continue Reading

Recent Nutrition Law Trends

Posted in News, Recent Law Trends

By: Matthew M. Sanderson Do you ever wonder about the direction of nutrition law in the United States?  Are you concerned that lawmakers are becoming either too lenient or too oppressive in the nutrition laws they implement? In either instance, two laws were enacted last year that should be of great interest to you.  With… Continue Reading