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New York To Ban Salt In Restaurants – REALLY?!?!

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I try to avoid ranting, at least in public, but I’m going to give in to my inner four-year-old for a moment for the benefit of your entertainment.

A recent article on LoweringTheBar.com found at this link provides details of an actual bill in New York to ban the use of salt in restaurants.

Really!? Seriously!?!

While they’re at it, why don’t they ban working out at gyms, driving on highways, and listening to music at concerts.

Now granted, salt in large quantities isn’t good for you, but isn’t that a personal choice? Oh, that’s right, I forgot that the general populace of American society is no longer capable of making personal choices. After all, we’re free to disregard the fact that coffee is hot, cigarettes cause illness, and that wet floors make us trip. Hopefully you can detect the dripping sarcasm here.

I personally believe that we, as Americans, are indeed capable of making personal choices and that we are not free to disregard the fact that coffee IS hot, that cigarettes DO cause illness, and that wet floors DO make us trip. In other words, I believe that we are responsible for our own actions and that we do not need laws, rules, regulations, or any other societal mechanism to do this for us.

The rule of law should be imposed to protect us, not from ourselves, but from others who would do us harm. Therefore, of course, the argument in this case is that these restaurants are using salt to cause us harm. Hardly! Restaurants want to provide food that we will buy. They want to make a profit.  Therefore, if people want to stay healthy, they will go to places with healthier food. If they don’t, they won’t. Either way, a choice is made, and the imposition of a law preventing restaurants from using salt is akin to telling us that we are incapable of making such decisions for ourselves.

Tell us your thoughts! Are we off base here? We want to hear from you!

  • Dan

    Well for 42 years I have been in the restaurant business. i heard railings when cigarrettes approached a dollar a pack and now i work in a ballpark that cigarettes aren’t aloud because that choice was won by an extremely manipulative Ohio governement. I have been around so long in this industry, I have seen oysters go from a delicasy to a menu warning label. I am so long toothed that I remember an 18 year old drinking age, which 18 year olds cn still kill and be killed in Iraq these days, but they are not smart enough to decide how to handle the forbidden grape. I have been around long enough to remember lables being mandated on packaged foods, now they are talking about needing nutritionists as part of management in restaurants so that you can figure out how to label menus with dietary requirements. I have been around so long that my dotcors have me on a low sodium diet, not no-sodium. No Salt, what No-Salt. We have gone to far in trying to manage other people’s lives.